Electric Oven Disconnection and Re-connection Service

Electric Oven Disconnection and Re-connection Service

Service provided includes safe disconnection of a current appliance, and re-connection of a new appliance, including up to 2m of suitable cooker cable from the wall connection point (where necessary).

Replacement accessories such as wall connection points and cooker switches are available, and can be replaced at the same time. This may also be reccommended to you should your current accessories fall short of our strict safety standards.

  • Installation Policy

    Oven Installations; The new applicance must not require a greater amount of current than the previous appliance, unless this has been taken into account, and the fixed wiring and Circuit Breaker are suitable for the load. Should you require new fixed wiring and/or Circuit protection, this can be quoted for and installed under the 'Get a Quote' tab. Please contact us for advice before booking.

    You will be charged in full if we attend an installation in which the appliances are not suitable for installation.

    *Oven not included

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